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Pain Management Using Physical Therapy

shoulder painPain interferes with the comfort, mobility and proper functioning of the body. Its alleviation is almost impossible in some instances. In such a case, a primary healthcare giver, may suggest pain management through physical therapy. This is a kind of rehabilitative treatment that helps in minimizing the threat of injury and also reduces pain. It is carried out in all sorts of people especially athletes and people who experience difficulty in movement. Usually, the process is performed by a trained professional.

The Physical Therapist

This is a trained and licensed professional that carries out the treatment. They begin by assessing and diagnosing any dysfunction in movement. They employ evidence-based practices in reviving the functions of significant muscles. This saves people from surgery and other invasive procedures.

The professional uses non-invasive treatment mechanisms to obtain results. This is done actively or passively. In passive methods, the patient is not required to participate in any way. The professional may use machines like

  • Ultrasound machines
  • Heat and ice packs.

Active therapeutic methods are more involving, and they encompass;

  • Exercises like strengthening exercises
  • Aerobic conditioning exercises
  • Stretching
  • Pain relief therapy

Manual Physical Therapy Application

Physical therapy is a hands-on treatment. Most of the time, the primary focus is to alleviate pain or manage it. Among the different types of pain managed in this way include;

Shoulder Pain: athletes like weight lifters are particularly vulnerable to this kind of pain.

Neck Pain: this can be as a result of wrong posture, age or some medical conditions.

Lower Back Pain: pregnancy, heavy lifting or some medical conditions can lead to this kind of pain.

Massage, electoral therapy, and simple movement exercises can be used to manage these kinds of pain.

Recovery after Physical Therapy

People who suffer from injuries or sicknesses such as stroke may need rehabilitation. The professional develops a treatment plan that works for the patient. For instance, the goal of an injured athlete may be to regain the proper functioning of a joint. The professional ensures that the athlete is capable of performing this activity through rehabilitative treatment. Equally, a patient recovering from a stroke is likely to regain movement and speech.

Mobility beyond Physical Therapy

Arthritis, joint pain, and injury are some of the factors behind poor or difficult movement. This rehabilitative treatment involves active exercises that help in making mobility fluid in a non-insidious way.


The proper coordination of muscles and body movements prevents people from losing their balance. However, there are certain conditions or situations that threaten this ability. Evidence shows that this is the treatment that works efficiently. Through some of the passive and active methods, it is possible to regain balance.

Age-related Problems

As people age, most of the body systems and organs either under perform or shut down. This is likely to cause issues related to movement and balance. Sometimes, these conditions also result in severe pain. Keeping fit and mobile is necessary as it keeps the body systems active. This is only achieved through proper treatment exercises.

Physical therapy employs a variety of methods to meet the needs of the individual. It is the work of the physical therapist to identify a plan that works efficiently for every individual. In as much as the treatment may take time, it is less risky, and the benefits are innumerable. There are numerous shreds of evidence that this kind of treatment is successful in the complete alleviation of pain. However, it is always important to use a certified and experienced professional.